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Buying land for profit and/or joy

Buying lots for profit and/or joy


Owning land is a part of the great American (and actually European) Dream. You have a place that you know is your own, that you can dream of retiring to one day, or vacationing on as soon as you can build a nice vacation cabin or retreat.

Owning land gives you a feeling that you cannot get from renting. Not only do you get to experience the pride of ownership, but also everything we sell has strong investment potential. One of the most enjoyable parts of this business, and something many of our customers have been able to enjoy, is traveling to the properties. As an added bonus, all of the expenses you incur in traveling are tax deductible (in the States) because you are looking at an investment property. You get to take a look at your future home site or investment, take some pictures, and explore the community and surrounding area. In some cases you can even camp or fish on or near your property before you build.


I'm sure by now your thinking: sure, owning land is enjoyable, but what about the profit? How can you make money on your investment while enjoying it at the same time? The answer is surprisingly simple; resell your land with seller provided financing or simply wait a while. Often you can set the sale price of a parcel on terms at twice the cash sales price from Domocare B.V. In that scenario you end up doubling your investment as well as earning a good interest rate. Often you can charge between 9-12% and finance for as short as 1-3 years. Your money never has to be tied up for very long. Even better yet, we can help you with the whole process, from providing marketing materials and contract templates, to being here to answer all of your questions.

An example:

Buy one of our choice Port Charlotte, Florida parcels for $15000 cash. Resell this same parcel for  $20000 @ 9% interest for three years. Your buyer only has monthly payments of around $700 and you collect a steady cash flow on your initial investment for three years and earn a little over $10000 on top of your initial investment, an annual return of around 23%.

You might ask why we don't just do that with all of our parcels. Why would we pass on such a great deal to our customers? Well, partially we do but,.. We need to sell some of our parcels for cash, as we are a growing business; at this time long-term investments like those mentioned, are only partial in our plans.

An alternative investment strategy that you can employ is to buy from us in bulk at a discount and resell the land for cash or terms. Often we will get several parcels in a development and sell them all at once to on person.

This can prove beneficial to both parties. You get the good discount and we don't have to handle the selling. Often we can provide some marketing materials for your sales efforts.

Opportunities like this are not too common, so if you were interested, it would be a good idea to email us to get on our wholesale buyers list.

Buying land can be an easy process but there are things you are going to want to look for. High holding costs in the form of taxes and association dues can quickly eat away at any profits you were expecting in the form of appreciation. Typically this is not a problem for the land we sell, but some developments have association dues in excess of $500 a year, which makes this land impractical to invest in.

When buying land “sight unseen”- purchasing junk land can be a problem. You can avoid this by purchasing land only in established subdivisions, as you will not typically have to worry about waste on the property, poor access, or other problems that come with buying raw land.

When selling a lot on terms it is important to remember that the buyer probably intends to use the land in the future for a home. There are several areas in the country that really sells themselves, the most obvious being Florida. In different regions of the country there are other areas that are very popular for “locals”- such as the Big Bear Mountain area in Southern California or the Ocean Beaches for East Coast residents. Land in these areas can be very easy to sell in local markets or online.

Most people know that you can make a lot of money investing in Real Estate; the trouble is that investing in homes or commercial properties can be a very complex task with a substantial amount of risk.

Investing in land is just the opposite, your initial investment is quite low, and the trans-actions are very well simple and can be done on your own with minimum knowledge. Additionally, as I explained before, the profit margins on land investments can be very high as compared to investing in homes. Land is pretty easy to sell on terms, especially when you are focusing on the areas that are easy to sell, such as Florida. You can make just as much, if not more, investing in land as compared to homes, with nowhere near the risk or complexity.

How can Domocare B.V. help you make good returns investing in land?

  • We offer land at wholesale prices in popular locations that is easy to resell.
  • We provide all the forms you will need and explanations on how to use them; such as the Sales Disclosure Contract for Deed Template, Deed Template, and any other county required forms or information you will need.
  • For a modest fee we can prepare the Sales Disclosure Contract for Deed, Deed, and other county forms for you to eliminate the chance of error. Typically this costs $ 150.
  • We are here 24x7x365 for email help. We can call you, at your convenience, if required.
  • Free listing on www.Domocare.com for your parcel!


Want to discuss the investment possibilities with us? Please respond by email with your name, email address or phone number, best time to call, and what you are interested in and we will get back to you ASAP! We are looking for wholesale buyers who want to generate good returns on land investments.

If you want to give us ideas as to what you would like to see covered in the future, drop us an email with your comments and ideas.

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