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U.S. pending home sales race to nine-year high in April 2015  May 2015
Contracts to buy previously owned U.S. homes rose for a fourth straight month in April to a nine-year high, buoying the outlook for the housing market.
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Southwest Florida Market Update  March 2015
The real estate market in Southwest Florida is absolutely booming. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the economy, or maybe it’s the low interest rates.
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What’s ahead for Florida’s 2015 economy?  January 2015
The real estate market plays a vital role in Florida's economy, and figuring out what lies ahead in 2015 is key to policymakers, residents and Realtors.
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Home as a Piggy Bank? Not Everywhere  December 2014
The initial good news for home-equity wealth building — particularly for those who have managed to hold onto their homes — is that in most of the country prices have generally recovered since the 2008 financial crisis.
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Positive Turnaround in Florida Housing Market  October 2014
There has been an optimistic turnaround in Florida’s housing market recently. This is especially true of the Palm Beach County region. In the first quarter of 2014, the number of house sales valuing $1m+ there increased by 16 percent as compared to the same period in 2013.
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Florida’s West Coast  September 2014
The subtropical landscape of Southwest Florida has long attracted those seeking a second home. They are drawn to world-class golf courses, boating and water sports on the Gulf of Mexico, as well as fine restaurants and shops. A variety of towns and cities line the coast — from laid-back Anna Maria and Bradenton Beach in Manatee County at the mouth of Tampa Bay, to the “Cultural Coast” of Sarasota; from Sanibel Island’s shell-rich beaches, to the “Platinum Coast” of Naples and Marco Island in Collier County.
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Economic Outlook for Florida Strong through Foreseeable Future  July 2014
Overall growth will continue to keep inventories and supply tight, clearly this will continue to drive the upward price trend.
Between now and 2017, the University of Central Florida projects an annual economic expansion in the state of 3.7 percent and payroll job creation of 2.6 percent. The projection comes form its quarterly report, the July 2014 Florida Forecast.
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“Florida’s Choicest City”  June 2014
Awarded the title of “Florida’s Choicest City” by the New York Times, Naples is the county seat and largest city in Collier County, a thriving area on the west coast of Florida.
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Domocare tip of the month May, Boca Grande.   May 2014
Boca Grande (the "e" is silent) is a small residential community on Gasparilla Island, in southwest Florida.
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Rotonda West is an unincorporated, deed-restricted community situated in west Charlotte County, Florida, United States.   April 2014
The U.S. Census Bureau lists it as the Rotonda census-designated place, with a population of 8,759 at the 2010 census.[1] It is part of the Punta GordaMetropolitan Statistical Area.
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US NEWS ranks Port Charlotte in the 10 BEST PLACES TO RETIRE in 2013  March 2014
We're in the 1st quarter of 2014 with sales & activity continuing to increase & inventory continuing to drop. Buyers should be realizing that NOW is the time to buy. We are moving quickly into more of a Sellers market and construction of new homes has gone up. Interest rates are beginning to creep up as well, so if you need financing, this is the time & THERE IS money to be loaned. If you are a Seller and you've been on the fence about listing - now is the time to list your home! Inventory is down and buyers ARE buying!
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Boca Grande- South West Florida  February 2014
Season is here and so far the market has been consistent with our historical record. It seems about every other year we have a slow January. Interestingly that has been a good sign in the past. In past years we have enjoyed record and near record sales on years with a slow start.
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Florida Housing Market Forecast to Grow in 2014  January 2014
Florida's housing sector is expected to continue growing in 2014, although at a slower pace, due to changing market and economic conditions, according to economists at Florida Realtors' 2014 Real Estate and Economic Summit this week.

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SW Florida Real Estate Market Continues Recovery  December 2013
Many would say our market is Hot, and compared to 2006-2009 it’d be pretty hard to disagree with that statement. While we are seeing some nice gains, our market is healing, which is a good thing.

A couple of things we look for are the percentage of cash vs. financing to identify the liquidity in the market as well as the percentage of traditional sales vs distressed sales. Our market has good volume now and would be higher if we had more inventory to sell.
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St. Petersburg is undoubtedly a retiree hotspot  November 2013
Can't imagine retirement without a beach? In St. Pete you can dip your toes in the Gulf of Mexico or Tampa Bay -- plus play a round of golf, eat virtually any type of cuisine, and see famous art, all in a single day.
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Our Area Southwest Florida   October 2013
From the beaches of Sanibel Island to the boutiques of Old Naples, the diverse communities of Southwest Florida offer so much to explore.
Whether you enjoy outdoor activities like golfing, fishing or boating; relaxing in nature while bird watching and wildlife viewing; experiencing the wonderful art communities or keeping up on the latest fashions; or just relaxing on the white sand beaches, you will find an abundance of entertainment and relaxation.
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Foreign Investors Eyeing U.S. Real Estate, What it Means for Buyers  September 2013
The competition in the housing market is heating up as buyers face off with deep-pocketed investors located both in and outside the U.S.

Foreign investors are playing a big role in the U.S. real estate market and it’s putting upward pressure on home prices. According to new research from real estate website Trulia, from April 2012 to March 2013, foreigners conducted 4.3% of all searches for U.S. properties on its site.
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South West Florida: A Hot Market   August 2013
Southwest Florida is one of the best real estate markets in the country for property flippers to make quick money with homes in demand and prices rising, according to a new study.
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Hey aspiring snowbirds: The Florida housing market could be rebounding  July 2013
Florida is known for its amusement parks, but no white-knuckle ride has been quite like the last real estate cycle. From 2004 to 2007, Florida experienced one of the biggest property booms in America. Lax lending policies coupled with borrower greed led to massive growth in a relatively short period of time. Despite the meteoric rise in prices, many believed the market couldn’t fall. But when the U.S. market imploded, Florida was one of the first states to crash. And, like the rest of the country, many watched helplessly as prices and demand plunged.
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Home and condo sales surge in April, boosted by cash deals  June 2013
Sales of existing single family homes and condos shot up last month according to a report released Wednesday by Florida Realtors, as Florida continues to climb its way back from the housing bust. Prices got a boost as well, but a backlog of 400,000 foreclosures in the court system is expected to temper a full housing sector recovery.
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Our Area South West Florida  May 2013
From the beaches of Sanibel Island to the boutiques of Old Naples, the diverse communities of Southwest Florida offer so much to explore.

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities like golfing, fishing or boating; relaxing in nature while bird watching and wildlife viewing; experiencing the wonderful art communities or keeping up on the latest fashions; or just relaxing on the white sand beaches, you will find an abundance of entertainment and relaxation.
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Florida’s housing market on upswing in March  April 2013
ORLANDO, Fla. In March, Florida’s housing market reported increased closed sales, more pending sales, higher median prices and a reduced inventory of homes for sale, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors®.
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Florida: "The No-Tax-Me State"  March 2013
Our license plates may read "The Sunshine State," presumably to remind people from colder climates of Florida's #1 year-round perk. But Florida could just as easily be nicknamed "The No-Tax-Me State" for the numerous tax advantages that accrue to residents who choose to make the state their primary residence.
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Wall Street Flees NY for Tax-Free Florida  February 2013
“An increasing number of financial firms, especially private equity and hedge funds, are fed up with New York’s sky-high city and state tax rates and are relocating to the business-friendly climate in Florida…
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A new housing boom  January 2013
The long-battered housing market is finally starting to get back on its feet.
But some experts believe it could soon become another housing boom.
Signs of recovery have been evident in the recent pick ups in home prices, home sales and construction. Foreclosures are also down and the Federal Reserve has acted to push mortgage rates near record lows.
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Increase in home building near 5-year high  December 2012
Developers across Southwest Florida are back to the business of building homes, adding jobs to the region’s largest employment sector and creating inventory for a hungry market.
Although just a crumb of its boom days, new home construction through October has muscled its way to the steepest annual improvement in nearly five years.
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Region's September home sales lower than August but up from 2011  November 2012
Coming off an unusually hot summer, sales of existing homes and condominiums in Southwest Florida cooled off somewhat during September — though activity was well ahead of the same period in 2011.
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Florida Real Estate Market Positive Track Continues  October 2012
ORLANDO, Fla. – Aug. 22, 2012 – Pending sales, closed sales and median prices rose, while the inventory of homes and condos for sale dropped in Florida’s housing market in July, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors
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The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Stage Your Home to Sell  September 2012
Home staging typically removes personal mementos, religious objects, and cultural items, helping prospective home buyers to feel at ease and to visualize their own belongings in the space.
If you are a home seller, the good news is that there is one sure-fire, simple, inexpensive way to supercharge your home staging efforts - organize!
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Housing Passes a Milestone  August 2012
The housing market has turned—at last.

The U.S. finally has moved beyond attention-grabbing predictions from housing "experts" that housing is bottoming. The numbers are now convincing.
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An 'Outside the Box' Buyer  July 2012
Are you in the market to buy, but are limited by certain financial restrictions? You're not alone. The recent recession of 2009 has left a mark on the bank accounts and labor markets of today.
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Florida's housing market continues positive signs in April 2012  June 2012
April existing-home sales up, prices rise again.

ORLANDO, Fla. – May 22, 2012 – Florida’s housing market had increased pending sales and higher median prices in April, along with a greatly reduced inventory of homes and condos for sale, according to Florida Realtors® latest housing data.
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Florida Residential Real Estate Market: News Stories Forecast Hope of a 2012 Turnaround  May 2012
More Sharing ServicesShare LinkReports are suggesting that the Florida residential real estate market has hit bottom and is beginning to bounce back, which is good news for all Floridians - and once it's clear that Florida homes are steadily selling again with Florida home loans being made to Florida home and condo buyers, then it will be great news.
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Experts Expect to See Broad Improvements, Home Prices to Rise in 2013  April 2012
The Urban Land Institute released its Real Estate Consensus Forecast Wednesday morning, and overall, the 38 real estate economists and analysts surveyed projected broad improvements for the economy.
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Tips for selling in today’s market  March 2012
Some homeowners have been waiting for years for a better housing market and a good time to sell. Is it better to wait a few more years and see if you can realize a higher sale price, or sell now and move on with your life?
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Housing Remains a Buyer’s Market  February 2012
A majority of Americans recently surveyed say now is a good time to buy a home. That's no surprise, given that record-low mortgage interest rates and bargain home prices are boosting affordability.
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Southwest Florida Real Estate is Rebounding  January 2012
Florida Real Estate is rebounding and three chief economists the state association’s 2012 Real Estate and Economic Forecast Conference in Orlando agree.
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It's time to buy?  December 2011
When you buy a home you will likely hire a profession to do an inspection but as you are narrowing down your choices you can do your own informal inspection, weeding out houses that have obvious issues. Domocare real estate, Florida gives some tips on what to look for:
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Five Great Things about Homeownership  November 2011
If you've been on the fence about homeownership, now is the time to take a leap! Don't let the negative press deter you from one of life's greatest joys.

Take a look at five short and sweet reasons that homeownership is great!
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Port Charlotte is located on Florida’s Southwest Gulf Coast, between Sarasota and Naples, about 100 miles south of Tampa.  October 2011
At 5 to 25 feet above sea level, Port Charlotte enjoys a climate characterized as sub-tropic where extremes of temperature in both summer and winter are checked by the tempering influence of the Gulf of Mexico. Prevailing winds are an easterly average of 12 to 18 mph. The mild winter season lasts from January to March.
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Cash is king for Southwest Florida real estate  September 2011
For Southwest Florida buyers, cash is king — and shows no signs of abandoning its throne.

At least three out of every five homes and condos in Southwest Florida are changing hands with no financing, something that would have seemed almost unthinkable during the boom years of easy credit.
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Port Charlotte Lots Attract Investors  August 2011
Real estate is one of the very few industries used for dual purposes .i.e. for providing services to consumers and serving as an investment option. At any given point of time, the changing trends in the real estate sector are of equal interest to the homebuilder as well as the investor.

Therefore, it becomes very essential that you keep yourself fully informed of the rise and fall in the price index of the land of a particular area. This will help you in making choices that will be profitable in the longer run.
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Better Days Ahead in Housing  July 2011
Freddie Mac’s chief economist is optimistic that the housing market and economy will improve in the second half of 2011.

Freddie Mac Chief Economist Frank Nothaft said mortgage rates will likely remain historical lows of between 4.5 percent and 5 percent for the remainder of the year. Also, he expects more buyers to stop waiting on the sidelines as recent price drops in home prices have improved affordability.
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Choosing Your Dream Home in South West Florida  June 2011
There's a lot to think about when it comes to buying your dream home. Every decision, small to large, is important! Let's look at a list of common issues that buyers face.
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The Euro is at all time highs compared to the U.S. dollar   May 2011
The countries with currency that is valued higher than the U.S. dollar are buying U.S. South West Florida, real estate at bargain-basement prices!
The Euro is at all time highs compared to the U.S. dollar – around $1.48 per Euro!
The Canadian dollar is now MORE VALUABLE than the U.S. dollar for the first time in life time!
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Florida is heading for a great year in 2011  April 2011
Southwest Florida is one of the most beautiful and climatically inviting places in the US. A peninsular surrounded by blue clear seas on all sides, Florida has a warm balmy climate. Being a tropical sunny land, tourism and industry are both very active aspects of the State. In fact, this southern State of USA is one of the favorite retirement locations where people buy beach houses and suburban homes to enjoy peace and tranquility.
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From the Panhandle to Key West  March 2011
On March 26-27, 2011, more than 50,000 blue balloons featuring the Realtor® logo will be flying above mailboxes at open houses from the Panhandle to Key West. It’s all part of the second annual statewide open house weekend! From the east coast to the west coast, the signature blue balloons will showcase thousands of open houses in the Sunshine State. It’s a buyer’s dream!
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Murdock Village can become an accelerator for the Port Charlotte area!  February 2011
MURDOCK — A group of area businessmen is optimistic it has found a second potential suitor to occupy a portion of Murdock Village outlined in a massive land swap with Charlotte County.
Now, the businessmen just have to persuade foreign investors to foot the bill.
The Enterprise Charlotte Economic Council is courting European Investors who frequently vacation in Southwest Florida and have expressed interest in Murdock Village.
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We see a light at the end of the tunnel  January 2011
The real estate market is cyclical and will once again thrive – but when? In 2010, more than supply and demand influenced the market. Each time the market received a bit of good news, something happened. Tax credits ended, banks pulled back on lending and foreclosures stopped closing. But signs continue to point to a stabilizing and slowly improving economy. The market remains solid if not stellar, and most economists predict a positive trend in 2011.
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Trip Adviser ranked Englewood, FL the best place to retire! Check it out!  December 2010
We're in the 4th quarter of 2010 with sales & activity increasing and inventory dropping. The buyers are realizing that NOW is the time to buy. As the prices have dropped, sales are increasing. There are far less Short Sales and Foreclosures and the inventory is getting absorbed fairly quickly. Good news is that at least 50% of sales remain CASH buyers and that has helped through this difficult time to finance.
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Most Say it's a Good Time to Buy  November 2010
Most Americans believe the housing market has hit the bottom and that it's a good time to buy, in part because many also think rents will rise faster than home prices.

Fannie Mae's latest nation housing survey found that 70 percent of Americans think it's a good time to buy a home, up from 64 percent in January.
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Priced to Sell  October 2010
It has long been a motto of real estate, and the saying goes, "location, location, location." It's what sells a property, they say. But recent times have brought to light that the real deciding factor on how fast, or even if, your home sells all comes down to price.

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Existing Home sales are down 27%   September 2010
Existing Home sales are down 27% What does this mean for you?
Well if you are a buyer it means opportunity is knocking, and if you don't answer it may be an opportunity lost......

This is not simple speculation folks it is clear and definable. Last month I showed you how the market here is southwest Florida surged in all price points.
See the article from the National Association of Realtors on properties in the upper tier. That report shows a 29% Increase .
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Florida tipped as best for bargain property in 2010  July 2010

Florida is set to be one of the bargain hotspots of 2010 for real estate investors with some properties selling for as little as $47 a square foot, according to a new report.

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U.S. home sales rise more than expected  April 2010
WASHINGTON — Home sales rose more than expected in March, reversing three months of declines, as government incentives drew in buyers and kicked off what’s expected to be a strong spring selling season.
Sales of previously occupied homes rose 6.8 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.35 million last month, the highest level since December, the...
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Florida agents pessimistic home prices will rise soon  March 2010


Fifty-percent of Florida agents said home prices will stay the same, and 33 percent thought prices would decrease.

TAMPA - It's the question everyone wants to know: will home prices stabilize or drop?

About half of Florida's real estate agents think prices are staying where they are over the next six months, according to a survey released today by...

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The upside of Florida real estate: 15 market positives  January 2010
Let's take a look at some of the opportunities and positive indicators for the future of Florida's real estate market.

1. Great prices. Statewide, home prices have fallen about 20 percent in the past year. Florida Association of Realtors® statistics show the existing-home median sales price was $185,400 in the third quarter of 2008, compared with...
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Why Florida  December 2009

Here, where talent thrives, innovation is encouraged, global connections are easily established and government policies support sound economic growth, people from all places and businesses of all kinds are finding their perfect homes. And you can, too, because Florida offers ...

1.A Strong History of Innovation
2.A Thriving Talent Base
3.An Extensive Global Reach
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25 Best Places to Retire: Number 1 Port Charlotte, Florida  September 2009
Thinking about your post-work home? You'll get huge bang for your buck -- plus lots of other perks -- in these towns. 

Port Charlotte is tops for sailors. 

Population: 48,000
% over 50: 44%
Typical 3-bedroom home: $170,000
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Buying new or Buying old  June 2009


New homes typically have a higher sales price than comparable existing homes, and buyers are usually willing to spend more on a new home because of lower maintenance costs. Builders' warranties on new homes, when combined with a new roof, appliances, and major systems, usually make major repairs unnecessary and help to counter a slower initial rate of appreciation.

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Welcome to our new Country Manager  October 2009

Domocare       Customers
Onto               Are
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Welcome to our Country Sales Manager Cambodia - Vietnam  June 2009

Domocare      Customers
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Babcock Ranch to be first   April 2009

Some of Florida’s most pristine acreage will soon become home to one Florida developer’s dream of a green city: nearly 20,000 homes, powered entirely by the world’s largest solar photovoltaic array.

The solar-powered city, announced Thursday morning, will be built on Babcock Ranch, a 91,000-acre property that is home to panthers, black bears and wood storks. The...
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Welcome to our new Country Sales Managers  February 2009


Domocare         Customers

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awareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel  September 2009


People always ask each year what Season will bring in terms of home buying activity in SW Florida. The past few years Season has been slow compared to historical standards, with good reason. The past few years buyers have been fearful prices could slip lower, and the economy seemed to be showing signs of slowing down and consumer confidence was eroding. Some have even argued...

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Why Should You Invest in Florida?  October 2008



Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Florida.

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Land doesn't give you management and maintenance headaches  September 2008


We live in exciting times! The 2008 mortgage & credit crisis is creating spectacular opportunities to buy well located land at prices up to 60% lower than 2005 prices. Rarely do buyers have the chance to buy at absolute market bottoms. Land will be the best way to participate when the Florida real estate market has its eventual price recovery. The first five of months of 2008...

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Domocare proudly presents: Hans Cortenraad our Staff/Research Manager  June 2008


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Hans Cortenraad. I was born Valkenburg aan de Geul, The Netherlands.
I started my career by working in the building and construction field for a few years, but after that I decided that I wanted to learn more about building engineering, so I started studying Building Engineering. During my studies, I discovered my passion for analytical...

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Welcome to our Country Sales Manager: Kosovo  September 2008

Domocare     Customers
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Here is a short introduction from our Country Sales Manager Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand: Jean Christophe Olivier.  April 2008


Dear Sir or Madame,

I’m Jean-Christophe Olivier, I come from Dijon, a beautiful city in the center east of France.

After my study of engineer I took the decision to discover the Asian culture.

That make one Year, I arrived in Taipei where I try to learn Mandarin. I also have the chance to travel around like in Hong Kong and Bangkok. That is...

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Here is a short introduction from our Country Sales Manager Sweden: Thomas Geijer  March 2008


Thomas har 25 års erfarenhet från fastighetsbranschen. Utbildad till byggnadsingenjör och arbetat många år som bygg och projektledare. Han har startat och drivit ett eget fastighetsbolag med både lägenheter och hotell under många år. För närvarande arbetar han med uppbyggnaden av ett byggnadsföretag med inriktning...

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Foreign Investors Pile Up More Pieces of Americana  July 2008


The hunt for the great American trophy asset is on.

The global commodities boom and the dollar’s decline have unleashed a wave of big money buys of prized American assets by newly flush foreign investors.

From $100 million mansions in Palm Beach, Fla., to $23 million modern art confections, to multibillion-dollar stakes in...

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Here is a short introduction from our Country Sales Manager Austria: Martin Effenberger  March 2008


Hello, my name is Martin Effenberger, I am 33 years old and live in a little nice town named Gramatneusiedl in the neighbourhood of Vienna, Austria.

I have a Doctor's Degree in International Business and science of management
My hobbies are: soccer, ice-skating, jogging, reading, billiard, diving, fitness, and definitive REAL ESTATE.
It’s my goal to...

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Welcome to our new Country Sales Manager for: Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand  April 2008



Domocare     Customers

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Domocare proudly presents; Joseph A. Gugino, Attorney at Law.  March 2008


Joseph A. Gugino, Attorney at Law and a Real Estate Attorney in Charlotte County is an intermediair for foreign Domocare customers and helps them with: Real estate documents, power of attorney forms, wills, employment contracts, divorce and separation agreements and much more. ...

With kind regards,

Joseph A. Gugino

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Foreign Investors: Florida Real Estate Has Plenty of Potential  April 2008


As I have mentioned several times before, foreigners looking to buy property in Florida are in a prime position to pick up that home, condo, even commercial property for what is, in essence, pennies on the dollar. The devaluation of the dollar, combined with price depreciation of properties in Florida, especially South Florida, leave plenty of bargains to chose from.

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Domocare proudly presents; Maarten Meckman our Intermediair for Immigrant Visa Questions.  March 2008


"Maarten Meckman has been successfully preparing visa and Green Card petitions since the year 2000, and has extensive experience in this specialty. He uses his extensive international background and knowledge of cultural differences to highlight the client’s strong points in the petition, and has helped many people to embark on a new career phase or a new life in the...

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Here is a short introduction from our Country Sales Manager Russia: Vitaly Rubanov   March 2008

Vitaly Rubanov has more than 14 years of professional experience in a variety of famous organisations: American Express, Mars, Sony and MoneyGram.
He participated and deployed wide range of industry level projects, which were subjects for promotion and recognition. As a continuation of professional development he worked for investment projects and recently accepted to join Domocare.

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The Message is Simple: It’s a Buyer’s Market  February 2008


Now is the time to buy. It may seem like this statement is being communicated over and over to the point of exhaustion. There’s a reason why. Opportunity. Now IS the time to buy. We are in a cyclical market trend which means what goes up must come down. And so it is with the housing market. Some reports say the market has hit the bottom; others say we are on the upswing;...

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Here is a short introduction from our Country Sales Manager Germany: Sascha Jolicic   March 2008


I studied History and Philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin.
Real estates are much more then a field of Interest, they are my passion.
I have commercial work experience in the German Real Estate Market, and in the Filed of Financial Services.

My handling in business, as in my private life, is based on values as trust, honesty and integrity.

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Domocare proudly presents; Barbara Jones-Mead our Intermediair for mortgages, especially for foreigners.  March 2008


I have been doing mortgages since 1986. I am current president and co-owner of Frontier Financial Services, Inc. which has been in business since 1992. We have numerous lenders to fit our client’s needs.

Our company is members of the Chamber of Commerce, the Englewood Area Board of Realtors, the Women’s Council of Realtors, Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary and we also...

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At Home in the Florida Sizzle  August 2008


DENNIS ROONEY can tell you all about the lazy joys of a sticky Florida summer. The beaches that beckon with water temperatures in the nearly bath like 80s. The roads that are suddenly traffic-free. Even the sight of those tropical afternoon thunderstorms, which constitute a kind of nature-as-theater.

But as it turns out, the real joy of a Florida summer may come in the...

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The Russian ruble gained 12.3 percent against the dollar last year  February 2008


Kevin and Denise McCullough, a couple from Victoria, British Columbia, visited San Francisco
nearly 50 times in the past decade, taking in Giants games, jogging along the Embarcadero and eating at favourite restaurants like Farallon and Myth.

They long talked of buying a vacation home here, but early inquiries brought home the twin realities of the city's sky-high...

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Welcome to our Country Sales Manager Austria  February 2008

Domocare       Customers
Onto               Are
More               Really
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Orlando set to dominate Condo Hotel market  January 2008
Greater Orlando has approximately 120.000 hotel guest rooms. While that’s far more than most U.S. cities, many hotel and condo hotel developers are confident there’s still room for expansion in this popular tourist and convention destination.

Orlando leading the condo hotel boom
As one of the world’s top vacation destinations, Orlando offers beautiful weather,...
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New European Headquarters Domocare Real Estate  January 2007

Domocare Real Estate, the well known real-estate...

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Foreigners eye Florida properties  March 2007



It’s no secret that the domestic real estate market has experienced a slowdown in recent months. But there is good news to be had. Overseas buyers are snapping up properties in Southwest Florida faster than you can say...

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As Housing Cools  March 2007

Land ho!

That’s the new cry for many as the the

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Foreign Buyers Scoop Up Real Estate in the U.S.  September 2007



By June Fletcher
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Cash in on the Florida land boom  February 2007

Mark Twain said it all: “Buy land, they ain’t makin’ any more of it.” Now there was a guy with vision & foresight!!!!!!!
More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined, including stocks and mutual funds.

Investing in real estate is the safest means of investing money.
The boom in Florida is...

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Florida has Great Opportunities for International Investor  May 2007



Florida has been one of the hottest real estate markets-literally and figuratively - in the

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Sizing ‘em Up  February 2007


Looking for help figuring out whether or not you’re hiring the right person for the job? While gut instincts (mostly used in pre-selections) can be accurate, we as Domocare choose a more scientific...

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Going Virtual – an effective business strategy for Domocare.  February 2007
Domocare manages a linking-pin organization set up on a virtual base.
A fast growing number of companies are finding virtual ‘staff’ to be a good middle ground between working ‘solo’ and hiring full-time staff members who needs desks,...
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Domocare headquarters in Sarasota - Florida  November 2006


Domocare opens new

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Charlotte County  July 2006

Charlotte County

In 1996, Money Magazine announced that this area was "the Number Two Best Place to Live in America." Since then, Charlotte County has received many similar accolades, including “Number One Best Place to Live in the South”- and one of “America's Best Places to Sail.”- Very recently, Golf Digest numbered us the third on their list of the best golf...

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Expansion of the Domocare Sales Organisation  November 2006


As a result of the expansion of the Domocare Sales Organisation, we are looking for:

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10 good reasons why!!  October 2006

Nieuw bericht:Top 1O Reasons to Do Business in

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Treasure hunters  October 2006

Venice Beaches - a Magnet for Modern Treasure Seekers

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Florahome opportunities  August 2006




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Property Values  March 2005

Property Values: Up, Up and Away!

It's no secret that Rotonda truly is a “hot spot!”-

Everywhere you look, construction crews are at work laying foundations, putting up block, setting roof trusses in place, paving driveways, and laying sod.

Along a six-mile stretch of Boundary Boulevard from Pinehurst to Pine Valley, 39 new homes,...

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Land- Banking  February 2005

de ultieme vastgoedbelegging

Een vrij onbekende vorm van investeren in vastgoed is land-banking; dit is een directe investering in onbenutte grond waarvan verwacht wordt dat deze door bouwontwikkelingen (van welke aard dan ook!) in waarde zal stijgen. Land-banking is traditioneel een activiteit van overheden,...

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The Show must go on  February 2005

Charlotte has emerged from post-Charley mayhem to offer a season to remember.

It's show time in Charlotte County!

Concerts, highbrow and low; festivals from quilts to chocolate; plays, art shows and fund-raisers galore will keep residents and visitors event-hopping from now until mid-April. “Everything is just so...

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Buying land for profit and/or joy  January 2004

Buying lots for profit and/or joy


Owning land is a part of the great American (and actually European) Dream. You have a place that you know is your own, that you can dream of retiring to one day, or vacationing on as soon as you can build a nice vacation cabin or retreat.

Owning land gives...

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Sleepy Port Charlotte ?  March 2004


If you receive nowadays a letter from a realtor it's because your property is located off of Eisenhower, Eleanor, Chamberlain, Cornelius, Campbell, Campbell or Jacobs. All of this property borders parts of the Myakka River and most of its surrounding waterways. These properties and...

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Murdock Village 04  February 2004
The Future is in Our Hands Today

The question on many people's minds is, “How much is Murdock Village going to cost the taxpayers?”- The answer is, ultimately, nothing. The upfront purchase of the property is expected to cost $ 75 million, but within a very short time the land will be sold to developers. When that...

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Murdock Village 03  May 2004

A Burden Too Heavy To Bear?

As some of you may know, during the 1960's southwest Florida was undiscovered and unspoiled. Developers descended on Florida buying large tracts of land, subdividing it and selling the platted lots at inflated prices.Northerners, lured with the promise of carefree living, cheap land and low taxes, bought homesteads sight unseen. Not all...

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Murdock Village 02  January 2004

Murdock Village may become first Main Street Charlotte

Land use project pilot for future

MURDOCK -- Walking down Main Street in Murdock, a visitor might encounter a beautifully manicured, tree-lined street with benches, store fronts which have an old town feel and a soothing atmosphere giving everyone a sense of community.

Of course there is no Main...

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Murdock Village 01  September 2009


Creating  the Community of Tomorrow


The opportunity to create a new community, literally from the ground up, is exciting. The public involvement that will be required is a challenge to our residents to take an active role in shaping our future....

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Contemplation Questions  January 2004

Bèngelder, January 1 2004

Some people asked me during these days: “Why did you choose Port Charlotte to live and why should I choose Southwest Florida to buy my lot?”-

Well except for: “It is the only affordable place to buy a lot nowadays”-, let me tell you in a nutshell why my wife Gaby and I choose for our pretty picture perfect...

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Hot Properties  November 2003

Turnout is high and bidding is brisk at the county's auction of low-value, tax-delinquent lots.

CHARLOTTE COUNTY - Wondering if the area's supposed real-estate boom is for real? Stop by the county justice center one Thursday morning, and you'll get an idea. In a crammed third-floor courtroom, bidders offered double...

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