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Creating  the Community of Tomorrow


The opportunity to create a new community, literally from the ground up, is exciting. The public involvement that will be required is a challenge to our residents to take an active role in shaping our future. Charlotte County is a great place to live, work and play, and Murdock Village will allow for the carefully planned growth that will be necessary to keep it that way.

It will take the support of each and every one of us to make it happen.

That’s what the front-page of a leaflet from the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners told us a short time ago. What is happening in Charlotte County and especially in the Murdock region of Port Charlotte?

Charlotte County has formulated a plan to solve the “problem” of thousands of platted lots. The Commission has received input from the community and from experts in the field of land planning and community redevelopment. A Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has been formed to guide us through the next phase and Charlotte County has already begun to purchase property in the Murdock Village area.

Soon proposals will be going out to prospective developers who may be interested in buying the land and working with us to create the redevelopment plan. Once that new plan is reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners, permitting will begin.

It is anticipated that enough property will have been purchased within the next18 months to begin development. The entire project area should be available for development within 36 months.

How is Domocare involved? Well, Domocare owns as little as one lot in the designated area and is not very strong involved in the plans. But, that one lot is situated in a nice street (Crittenden Avenue), one block from US 41 (Tamiami Trail) and just around the corner from SR 776 (El Jobean Road). An ideal spot to build our American office! That were/are our plans until that Certified Mail of the CRA told us the CRA would prefer to purchase our property by paying 20% above the appraised value. That 20% had to be seen as a financial incentive for us and for the avoidance of litigation expenses the CRA would incur to acquire our property through condemnation proceedings!

Domocare refused the CRA offer and made some counteroffers the CRA refused. So, we hired a lawyer and will see what happens in the future. We’ll inform you when we know more about this case simply because we like to inform you how to act in cases like this when you own land in the States.

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