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Existing Home sales are down 27%
Existing Home sales are down 27% What does this mean for you?
Well if you are a buyer it means opportunity is knocking, and if you don't answer it may be an opportunity lost......

This is not simple speculation folks it is clear and definable. Last month I showed you how the market here is southwest Florida surged in all price points.
See the article from the National Association of Realtors on properties in the upper tier. That report shows a 29% Increase .
I suppose that is not sensational enough of a news story for the national media. But the upper tier can be attributed to recovery, when those in the know start buying its time!!

The sales data that the news reports were so kind to share with us are related primarily to low end housing which had seen a brief surge when the homebuyer tax credit was in effect. The reality is that in normal markets here in Southwest Florida we see a seasonal decline in sales, however during the "Boom times" we essentially saw activity year round. Remember those days? Well they are behind us and a gradual return to normalcy is upon us.

Last year about this time activity was brisk, I attribute it to a desire take advantage of pricing.

The first quarter of this year was a smashing success, but with the onset of summer things have slowed. Hmmmmm, it seems that we are now returning to "pre boom" historical trends. With that said the shrewd bargain hunter would always be ready to pounce in the summer, thus the tendency for many sellers to take their homes of the market after season, and put them back on in January.

The market and the Internet have changed that and now inventory is excellent, quality locations great pricing, insanely low interest rates......Hmmm what to do?

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