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Port Charlotte is located on Florida’s Southwest Gulf Coast, between Sarasota and Naples, about 100 miles south of Tampa.
At 5 to 25 feet above sea level, Port Charlotte enjoys a climate characterized as sub-tropic where extremes of temperature in both summer and winter are checked by the tempering influence of the Gulf of Mexico. Prevailing winds are an easterly average of 12 to 18 mph. The mild winter season lasts from January to March.
Charlotte Harbor includes one of the world’s largest protected marine estuaries encompassing 270 square miles with 219 miles of natural shoreline. Its confluence of the Peace and Myakka rivers comprises some of the most vibrant coastal areas in the state and a unique network of barrier islands and mangrove preserves

Charlotte Harbor is Florida’s second-largest estuarine system. Port Charlotte is a destination of choice for both full-time residents and vacationers that have come to discover Charlotte County’s unspoiled beauty and its livability. In spite of recent growth expansion it has remained a wonderful place to live or vacation.

Port Charlotte is still a fairly new community created and developed in the late 1950’s. The population of the unincorporated area of Charlotte County, including Port Charlotte, is approximately 139,817 residents. An established, but yet still growing area, Port Charlotte has the services and amenities necessary for the convenience and enjoyment of all.

Residential areas of the County are primarily single-family neighborhoods. You will not find high-density high rises or typical city sprawl. Port Charlotte has more than 165 miles of natural and man-made water ways, many with access to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. There are miles of natural shoreline bordering Charlotte Harbor and the Peace and Myakka Rivers, complete with hundreds of species of marine life. The new Murdock area of northern Port Charlotte is a growing shopping-business center. Shopping areas, office complexes, financial institutions, theaters, restaurants and motels have been built in recent years. A regional shopping mall anchors the area. Recreational opportunities abound in Charlotte County – golf courses, yacht clubs, tennis courts, parks, boating facilities, pool and beach swimming - and much, much, more.

Neighboring Punta Gorda is a charming and historic waterfront town which traces back to a landing Hernado DeSoto in 1539. The name itself means “Broad Point”. Every year a festival celebrates Ponce De Leon’s Landing (1513) on Pine Island in Charlotte Harbor. Punta Gorda is now more than 120 years old, and is Charlotte County’s only incorporated city.

This City is in the midst of a major community revitalization and beautification project, with historic preservation as a priority. There’s an old Florida atmosphere being restored to the central district and with the addition of brick lanes, street lamps, benches, brick planters, flowers and shade trees, the ambience is truly unique. There are many unique shops and restaurants being added throughout the town, expanding the fine reputation of Punta Gorda’s Charm.
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