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€ 45.000.000,-
offered ZinsPalais in Vienna
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The interest palace is with its beautiful architecture a real eyecather in the city center of Vienna.
A once of a life time opportunity for global investors with a sense of History!

Antebellum ZinsPalais was designed by a former architect of the turn of the century design.

The ZinsPalais with rounded corner and large breakdown by multipart crosses of axle groups. Breakdown of the tympanum by dense, sometimes secessionist decor.

The two lowest stories form a high banded basis with deep carved apertures.

The two main stories fit together with bended right angled crown moldings, and by prefab respectively on the corner adjusted giant Corinthian pillars accentuated. Scaly volume corbels and kneeling altants reliefs in the corner over the beam floor clamp the frieze-like Attica-story with the main story. About the final pillar molding high end by piers and heraldic cartouches rhythmic Attica.

The facade is in its depth somewhat shallow, and carries on the belle-etage-floor a spacious balcony with massive consoles. Medial round-arched portal with leaf-like molding portal and wrought-iron lattice.


1. Foyer consists of a rectangular room with a side stairway.
Wall structure in classic shapes with two-marble; formation
Pilasters between decorative framed wall fields and in a balustrade-motive design base zone. Mirror framed ceiling with plastic boxes and
decorative cartouches on consoles. Niches framed stairway to the basement in cheek of the stairs; on top of this a balustrade with ornamental perforated rock landscapes. Original copper hanging lamps.

2. The second lounge room has the same facility as the first lobby.
In the lower wall zone in cassettes divided wainscot. On top of it patterned tiles in Oriental forms in green and gray. Vaulted ceiling with gold foil. Original hanging chandeliers. The colored glass windows in the staircase still partially preserved.

€ 36,000,000, - - plus VAT. + 3% fee plus VAT.

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